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Check the SCHEDULE page to see
when the Knucks play next !

The Knuckle Knockers  hail from the hay seed neighborhood of Bernal Heights, San Francisco. We are Karen Celia Heil (fiddle, guitar, vocals), Martha  Hawthorne (guitar and vocals) and Bill Foss ( banjo, mandolin and vocals).


We played together a lot in the 20 oughts, made one self-titled recording, known as a CD back then, and had a lot of fun. Then we drifted on to other projects. Lately we are playing together more often, and love our neighborhood gigs!

As the pandemic waxes and wanes, we are playing on either Saturday or Sunday afternoons at the Bernal Star. Might be the Knuckle Knockers, or could be Bill & Martha playing Italian mandolin tunes, or me, KCH with other musical pals. Get on our Bernal Star email list to be informed.

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Pleasant and Effective!


This most excellent remedy should find a place in every home. In cases of sudden emergencies it has no rival.

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