Starting up again as we can...

Acoustic, unamplified music whilst you dine in the back patio of our beloved neighborhood restaurant, BERNAL STAR, on Cortland Ave. in 'downtown' Bernal Heights. Hosted by the Knuckle Knockers, KCH, Bill and Martha, it could be us playing, or Italian mandolin music by Duo Pizzicato, or KCH with a guest, or?

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6:30 to 8:30 PM


I fully recommend B Star's food, which includes over~the~top burgers, comfort entrees, a delicious gluten~free pizza, fish & vegetarian options, salads, deserts, plus an xlnt beer and wine selection...

We will be outside in the patio while weather permits. Outside dining, with some heaters.




A list of musical pals that have played

with Karen at Bernal Star:

Dan Warrick

Maxine Gerber

Brandon Godman

David & Mary Winston

Luke Richardson

Thomas Angell

Molly Tenenbaum

Grace Forrest

Evie Ladin

Ben Sigelman

Susie Goehring

Brendon Doyle

Leslie Keir

Jordan Ruyle

Suzy Thompson

Katy Harris

Candy Goldman

Michelle Yu

Nandi Forrest

Bill Foss

Martha Hawthorne

Emily Mann

the Queen of England